Sunday, October 27, 2013

Golden hour

It was a beautiful fall evening and Karen and Jesse wanted to practice some film photography with me and Laramie as their subjects. (Perhaps we can show some of those pics in a future post.)  We also used the opportunity to snag some photos of the expecting couple.

Yes, I realize his eyes are closed, but I loved it that way for some reason. ^^


 Gorgeous Blackmore Peak with the autumn trees in the foreground. ^^

Friday, October 4, 2013

An adventure walk!

We had been promising our nieces all summer to take them on an "adventure walk," but things just kept getting in the way.  We finally made it happen as the last of summer was leaving us.  The day we chose happened to be chilly and rainy, thus all the hoodies you see in the photos! Despite the weather, it was a lot of fun, and it even warmed up a bit toward the end of the afternoon. 
"We're on an adventure walk!!"  (Yes, I made them say that.) ^^
What is an adventure walk, you ask?  Well, before our walk Kelly and I made little checklists on clipboards of items for them to look for along our walk... things like a berry, something round, something fuzzy, a stick to roast marshmallows on, etc.  We gave them little tote bags to collect these things in. Also, we had them take photos of certain things, such as something blue, and themselves with their aunties:)  We also made the super cool pink "Adventurer" banners you see them rocking in these photos! ^^
Snacks were involved... both healthy and unhealthy.  What are aunts for anyway? ^^
Eating a carrot with no front teeth = difficult. ^^
Eating a pixie stick with no front teeth = easier. ^^
(Side note:  Kelly and I could not stop laughing about how this little one looked like a mini Grim Reaper in all our photos because of her black hoodie.  Maybe you had to be there. She's the cutest thing ever, even when she does look like the Grim Reaper!)

Group shot!  We have big plans to try to make this, or some variation of it, an annual tradition.  It was fun and -bonus!- nearly free!