Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tulle circle skirt

Well, the last time we blogged, Eden was still in her mama's belly, and we had no idea even that she was a girl. And now look at her! A chubby 3+ month old. She is ever fashionable in red skinny jeans, while her mama shows off her tulle circle skirt. Here are a few pictures of the project:

^^Cutting out one layer of lining and four layers of tulle, using a circle skirt pattern from a skirt I made last fall. Here's a good reference for making your own pattern.

^^Arranging and pinning all the layers to prepare for sewing on an elastic waistband. The waist was just the right size that Karen could slip the skirt on over her head and we didn't need to add any buttons or other fasteners.

^^The seamstress hard at work!

^^The finished product (along with cute chubby baby feet).

^^Just because you can't have too many pictures of baby E :)