Saturday, May 11, 2013


We have been wanting to go early-season camping, and in Montana, the beginning of May would definitely be considered early season! We brought warm clothes and extra blankets, but let me tell you, the tent was very cold at night. Basically, we froze. But we survived! And we had fun.

It was a family camping trip, so my brother and his wife and their two munchkins camped with us, as well as my parents, who were here for the week visiting.

The weekend included fishing, exploring with the girls, reading, a campfire (and marshmallows, of course!), and a friendly competition to start a fire the old school way, with a couple of sticks and some rope. After hours of trying, the guys were surely warmed up, though not with any flames. But it was entertaining! And let's just say that nothing bonds a family like sharing a toothbrush. Not just two people, or even three, but four people using the same toothbrush, because three of them conveniently forgot theirs. That is true family love! (And now I'm off to buy a new toothbrush.)

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