Monday, July 29, 2013

A weekend in Portlandia

Summer has been totally crazy around here... thus the lack of action here on this blog.  We have been busy with a capital B. Even though we didn't really have time for it, we decided to go to Portland for a four-day weekend... because, why not? Jesse's brother and his cute little family were going to be there visiting some friends of theirs whom we hadn't met yet, and it seemed like a fun excuse to get away to somewhere neither of us had ever been. Turns out, we think Portland is pretty awesome. Our new friends were great tour guides! We started off Saturday morning by loading six, yep, six bikes and one trailer bike up on their SUV and driving to the hill where the zoo is. Then we unloaded them, hopped on, and cruised all the way down the hill to the downtown area, where we went to the farmers' market. 

The produce was so beautiful and colorful!  I couldn't resist buying some blueberries and cherries, which were as delicious as they looked.

This guy was as handsome as usual, too:) Even if he did give me the skeptical eye when I turned the camera on him.


There were lots of gorgeous flowers too, though I'm not really the kind of girl who ever buys flowers.  There was also live music.  Oh, and did I mention food? Jesse got some sort of crepe, and I got a tamale (tamal? Whatever, you know what I mean) with artichokes and Cotija cheese. It was amazing.

And the kiddos did things that were cute.  Shocking, am I right?

After the farmers' market, we took off again and spent time biking around downtown, stopping to eat at food trucks and not one, but two breweries (don't judge... all that biking makes you hungry! And thirsty.) Towards the end of the day we biked across a particularly pretty bridge, where we were able to stop for a few moments and enjoy the great views of Portland, and I got to snap a few more pictures.  (Have you ever tried to take pictures while riding a bike?? Not advisable.)

See you next time, Portland... we'll definitely be back! --Karen

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