Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Autumn in Bozeman

A while ago (and by 'a while ago', I really mean 'two months ago') Kelly and I and our sister-in-law Meg went out for an afternoon with cameras in tow, determined to find some pretty fall leaves to photograph.  

We had one of those falls here in Bozeman where the cold snap hits early, causing a lot of the leaves to just kind of turn brown and fall off before they ever get a chance to change into pretty colors.  It was a wee bit disappointing, but we managed to hunt down a few trees that were ever so beautiful and take some pictures.  Even in a not-so-perfect autumn, we live in an incredibly beautiful place!

Blurry baby belly! ^^

And yeah, we finished with the best chai ever from Rockford Coffee. It just tastes like fall:)

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