Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Road trip

Spring hit and Laramie and I decided to get out of town.  So we road tripped down to St. George, Utah, where my parents and my brother and his wife live.  I love road trips (though I'm told I'm not the best road tripping buddy because I just bury my head in a magazine for the whole drive)!  And the weather was great.

We stopped for one night along the way in Salt Lake City, just to break up the driving and have a little time to ourselves.

Southern Utah is beautiful.  Really beautiful!  Gorgeous landscape and awesome colors.

We took a short hike to see some ancient Anasazi petroglyphs.  

The highlight of our trip was a hike to the top of Angel's Landing, in Zion National Park.  While the first couple miles are a fairly typical hike, the last section is treacherous enough that a chain has been installed to hang on to as you climb over the steep rocks.  You are hiking a narrow ridge with drop-offs on either side.  It may sound scary, but it really isn't.  It's a lot of fun, and the view from the top is incredible.

And finally, because we were with my Dad and he can smell out a good piece of pie anywhere...


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